Fish Prawn Crab is an easy to learn and play dice game that takes only seconds to master. Enjoy this fun way to win money online!

This game uses three dice with six symbols on each side – including fish,prawn, crab, stag, gourd and rooster. When the player wins they will double their money.


Fish Prawn Crab is a popular dice game found in Asian casinos. Similar to Sic Bo, it uses three dice with six characters painted on them instead of numbers.

This version of the game requires players to place bets on which symbols they believe will appear when they roll the dice. Common symbols include fish, prawn, crab, chicken and gourd (as well as money).

Playing casino gaming rooms, both online and live, is an excellent way to spend quality time with friends while enjoying some top-notch entertainment. To maximize your enjoyment of the experience, it is essential that you become familiar with its rules and strategies.


Fish Prawn Crab (also known as Chuck-A-Luck, Hoo Hey How and Crow and Anchor) is a traditional gambling game popular in the Philippines that has spread to China and Vietnam with various variations.

The rules of the game are straightforward and involve three dice with different symbols on each side – fish, prawn, crab, chicken, gourd and money.

Bet on any of these icons and if one or more appear, the banker pays him double his stake. Unfortunately, if none do appear, he forfeits his bet.


Fish Prawn Crab, also referred to as Hoo Hey How or Bau Cua Tom Ca, is an Asian dice game available both live and online. Similar to Sic Bo, it’s a beloved Chinese gambling pastime.

Fish Prawn Crab offers three dice rolls with symbols on them that determine your win amount – 1x, 2x or 3x! Depending on which symbol appears first, you can win either 1x, 2x or 3x!

For instance, if you bet on Stag and it appeared, then you will receive 1x your stake. Conversely, if Gourd appeared and you wagered on it, then the payout is doubled at 2.

Being aware of the payouts for fish prawn crab is essential when formulating your strategy. Furthermore, having knowledge of the house edge will enable you to make wiser choices while playing.

Bonus rounds

For an entertaining game that blends Asian culture with the thrills of a slot machine, check out Win Win Fish Prawn Crab from PG Soft. It pays homage to the ancient Chinese dice game Hoo Hey How (also known as Sic Bo) in an entertaining new way.

Each die in this slot features 6 images of fish, prawn, crab, gourd, chicken and tiger all expertly carved from ivory for an authentic appearance.

With our bonus round, you could win up to 3672x your bet! That’s an impressive amount of money and the fact that there’s no multiplier reset during this feature makes it especially lucrative.

Playing fish prawn crab online requires you to understand the rules and gameplay in order to be successful. Here are some tips that can help you do just that: Use a betting system with the lowest betting rate in the game room to keep your bankroll safe and high; observe some betting rounds before placing bets; finally, utilize these strategies when competing against others online.


Fish prawn crab is an Asian game that has gained widespread popularity in online and live casinos, similar to Sic Bo but instead using six symbols representing different animal types – Gourd, Crab, Fish, Tiger, Chicken and Shrimp. Players use these six icons as they roll the dice for this exciting opportunity!

The game is played by placing bets on one or more symbols and shaking the dice to reveal their outcome. In some cases, players can win double their stake! Nonetheless, players should be aware that this game can become highly addictive so exercise caution if unsure. Consult a professional before beginning this adventure!

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