Poker is a game that can be dominated by experienced players, of that there is no question. But how are the pros doing it? They’re playing with the same cards, after all, so what is it they know that you don’t? The secret is that the pros have not only mastered the basics of the game, they are also keenly aware of human nature.

Don’t worry, by getting familiar with the basics you can start playing better right now. It might be some time until you’re a certified master, but these tips will certainly put you on the right path. Here are some Poker basics that will make you a better player fast.

Play Fewer Hands

Many amateur players feel that they must participate in every hand. Folding is boring. So you have to take part, otherwise you’re being rude, right? Wrong. Poker is a game that should be played only when you feel you have a chance at winning. There is no point in participating in a round of betting if you’re destined to lose. Giving away your bankroll isn’t just a bad strategy, it is also misunderstanding how a professional plays the game.

Hence the first rule is that you should only play when you feel you have a chance at taking the pot. Play fewer hands, but be sure to make the most of a good hand when it arrives. Striking while the iron is hot is the core strategy of winning players.

If you’re unsure about playing against other humans, trusted sites like ZAR Casino online offer Video Poker. Video Poker is a great way to practice without added pressure.

Folding Is Always And Option

Chasing already sunk bets is the road to ruin. If you’re unsure you can always fold. Backing out is the best way to avoid sustaining additional losses, regardless of how much you’ve already put into the pot. Yes, getting bluffed is a possibility, but taking the safe road never hurts.

But also be sure to keep in mind that learning other player’s habits is part of the game. One of the biggest challenges is spotting a bluff, but with practice and insight you will start to understand the flow of the game.

Bluffing Is An Artform

Lastly, you can bluff, and so can everyone else at the table. The question is; when is it time to face that risk? The trick here is to not only bluff when you’re desperate. The other players will be well aware when you’re in the danger zone, and will be waiting for your desperate bluff.

However, if you base your game around unpredictability you will become a mystery. Betting on a potential hand is an excellent way to get used to the concept. For example you can bet big on the potential of getting a flush, before it’s revealed you have all the required cards. This will set a precedent, indicating to others that you bet big when opportunity comes knocking. Opponents will then be left guessing every following time you throw down a big bet.

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