Casino chips can be treasured collectibles due to various factors, including rarity, condition and sentimental value. Furthermore, they often hold historical or geographical ties which add further value.

People often collect chips from their favorite resort, vacation destination or hometown – these souvenirs often hold more value due to their personal significance.

Vintage Chips

Casino chips’ value depends on several factors, including their age and rarity; older, higher denomination chips are typically more valuable than lower ones.

Chip type also plays an integral part in its value; some chips made of precious metals or featuring intricate designs may increase in value significantly. Others commemorate important historical events or people.

Collectors often prize chips from casinos that closed prior to 1960 – such as those found near their hometown or favorite getaway destination – that hold personal meaning, such as from home poker games or hometown casinos.

Obsolete Chips

Once a casino chip leaves its confines, its monetary value can often decline; but this doesn’t diminish its collectible worth.

Obsolete chips, or computer and integrated circuit chips no longer manufactured or distributed, can present manufacturers with significant challenges when replacing or repairing. These devices may prove expensive to produce or purchase and repair.

Security risks caused by obsolete chips should also be managed effectively; to do this, businesses are encouraged to create a plan to control obsolete components; this may involve redesigning products/systems to use modernized components or finding alternative ways of meeting functionality demands.

Slot Machine Tokens

Casino tokens or gaming chips, more commonly referred to as gaming chips, are small plastic or clay discs used as currency in casinos. Usually these come in various denominations from injection molding.

Tokens are much smaller and simpler in design than coins; quarters typically feature an outer ridge to help distinguish them from other coins while tokens typically have a flat surface.

Apart from their practical value, tokens also make an excellent souvenir and encourage patrons to keep them as part of a casino souvenir collection. Furthermore, tokens offer more security than actual cash – this helps reduce theft while contributing to casino security; plus they’re much cleaner!


Casino chips, gaming tokens and dice are beloved collector items that typically hold more value than their face value and come in an assortment of colors, designs and sizes.

Dice from casinos run by Mob figures like Benny “Bugsy” Siegel during his two years running the Flamingo in 1946 and 1947 could fetch thousands of dollars, while dice made of cellulose nitrate often crystallize over time and become less collectible.

Some collectors collect souvenir and novelty dice emblazoned with landmarks from different states or towns, while others collect polyhedral dice that can be used as accessories in role playing games.

Playing Cards

Collecting casino chips, tokens and memorabilia is an unusual pastime with considerable financial value – such as when rare $5 chips from Las Vegas Sands Hotel from 1950s can now fetch thousands.

Collectors evaluate chips based on several characteristics, including its center stamp and mold. Experts also take into account its color and etching.

Collectors often store their valuable chips in glass cases or organize them in binders, and some even collect ashtrays, napkins and slot cards that bear casino names as memorabilia. Collectors can often find this memorabilia at conventions like the one being held this week in Las Vegas; online resources may also provide access to casino memorabilia.


Collecting casino memorabilia requires considering five key criteria when establishing its value: one is rarity – the more difficult it is to locate, the greater its worth is.

Other key considerations when collecting chips or tokens include their condition and history. A collector may also look for specific types of items or rare editions.

Collectors can gain knowledge by consulting experts or researching relevant online resources for guidance. In addition, visiting local shops that specialize in memorabilia as well as auctions and antique shows is also an effective way to acquire rare casino items, including chips.

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