A traditional icebreaker at parties and road trips, bingo games bring fun to everyone at the table. Whether your goal is to make an online team-building game more engaging or build relationships with remote employees, bingo is a great tool to get started.

For example, teachers can use Roman numerals bingo to teach students about the system of numbers. Each student makes a card with different Roman numerals, and when the teacher calls out a number, students mark it.

Create Your Own Bingo Cards

Creating custom bingo cards is a fun and easy way to energize classrooms, facilitate group activities or even raise funds for charitable causes. You can create a single card for a game or dozens of them for a classroom activity or school-wide event.

Enter words and clues into the Bingo Maker to create a custom set of cards for your students. Choose from pre-made lists (Dolch sight words and Fry sight words) or enter your own custom words and clues to create a unique set of cards.

A classic favorite, people bingo is a great ice-breaker for adults. Create a set of cards with different characteristics in each square and ask guests to mingle around the room, find someone that matches that description, and mark it off on their bingo card. The first person to get five in a row wins! You can also use these cards to teach vocabulary and foreign languages by entering in custom answers.

Print Your Own Bingo Cards

Bingo games can be customized for many occasions and events including classrooms, parties, road trips, and even acts of kindness. These printable games can be made with fun themes such as dinosaurs, food, or emojis and are sure to delight kids of all ages.

At the “kind of bingo” step, select “words / phrases” to make cards with words in the squares instead of numbers. If you want to add a text line for the card (such as an emoji name) select that option at the same time.

Give each player a bingo card and pen or marker. When a player fills in a whole row horizontally or vertically, they yell “BINGO!” and win the game. Keep the game exciting by offering a prize for the first winner – such as a snack, small toy, or extra thirty minutes to stay up before bedtime.

Make Your Own Bingo Game Board

Whether you’re looking for an activity to engage students with a topic or a fun way to celebrate a special occasion, you can easily make your own bingo game cards and board using our 3×3 or 4×4 generators. These bingo games are great for students to practice vocabulary in just about any content area. When a word is called, students must identify the word on their card. This increases comprehension and retention!

Our generators also allow you to customize the number of cards per page, set up different winning patterns and create private boards that only you can see. This means you can verify winners in real time and change the cards/words on the board when it’s time for a new round.

Kids love food themed bingo games – use M&Ms or candy to mark off the squares! Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Thanksgiving, these printables are a fun and engaging activity that your whole family will enjoy.

Create Your Own Bingo Prizes

Create and host a free virtual bingo game with up to 25 players every day. Use it for homeschooling, birthday parties or Zoom calls with friends and family.

Add fun prizes to your games for extra incentive. Whether you’re hosting sales bingo with small gift cards on a Friday afternoon or an entire sales division for quarterly rewards, prizes make a big difference in a game’s success.

You can even try doubling the prize for a specific game. For example, give a higher-value reward for the first player to cover a specific pattern (like a postage stamp or four corners of the board) or the last player to complete a full row in blackout. It’s a great way to keep the game competitive and get people talking about it. And it’s a perfect way to encourage healthy competition in the workplace!

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