Quick answer: Yes, with the help of various games of chance. These have different characteristics and are therefore suitable for different types of players.

Some of the best online casino games mentioned are more influenced by your own skill. Other games, on the other hand, can be used with mathematically calculated functions and strategies.

Let’s now get straight into the topic and introduce you to the most important online money games in which you can maximize your profits with the right online casino strategy, training and tactics.

Two terms are of central importance here:

    Volatility (variance)

    Payout Ratio (RTP or Return-to-Player)

While the RTP value determines how high the house edge of the respective slot is, the volatility tells you how often wins can be expected. Both values ​​are statistical values ​​which, in the case of the RTP value, are calculated for long-term stakes of at least 100$ and 100 game rounds.

Our editors have made the online casino experience that it is really only in exceptional cases that less is won than the bonus game costs. If things go badly, the profit oscillates between 11 and 13 euros. If things go well, you can win up to 50$.

It doesn’t matter how things go after you’ve played this bonus game, it’s over again. Even if there is no mathematical evidence for this, this type of self-discipline is extremely important in order to make money in the online casino and not take too much risk.

Popular mistakes when making money at online casinos

In addition to the possible casino strategies that have proven themselves in recent years, there are also a few points that you should not use in any case.

Here you can benefit from the experiences of other customers from the past and prevent the most common mistakes.

Healthy money management

If you want to play strategically, you must use a system that promises you healthy money management. Colloquially, this is also called bankroll management .

Basically, a formula tells you exactly how high your bets can be. The application of such a system is important for success – without it it is not possible!

A healthy money management calculates the losses to be expected and thus ensures that you can survive even larger streaks of bad luck in the medium and long term. So set your personal limit and make sure you don’t live beyond your daily financial limits.

Discipline and self-control

The most important element of our slot strategy: Stop at the right moment . And exactly when a high win appears on the screen.

The great art is to be able to assess the situation in a disciplined manner and to be satisfied with profits.

Game skills are key

In addition to character traits, your expertise is of course also crucial for success in the online casino. Instead of paying tuition and taking your first steps with your money in the online casino, you should know what kind of game it is before you spin or play the first hand.

Instead of starting headlong with high stakes and having to pay dearly for mistakes, you should first test the respective games in play money mode in the online casino.

Counteract boring and automated sessions

In order to be able to successfully earn money in the casino, you have to stick to the strategy guidelines. This usually results in automated sessions, which are anything but exciting and can therefore quickly become boring.

Only if you put up with the boring gaming sessions are profits possible in the online casino in the medium and long term .

Still, there are some tips on how to counteract these draining sessions. One of these tips is to register with a full-service provider that also has sports betting or other offers in its portfolio.

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